The relationship between increasing sales and increasing Instagram followers

If you are one of the people who have ever made a purchase from store pages on Instagram.

Definitely, when shopping, you have checked many pages in the same field of work to have a quality and reliable purchase.

Undoubtedly, one of the main criteria in choosing a page to buy that product is the number of followers of that page.

So having a lot of followers can be the initial trust and the start of a relationship between your page and the visitor.

If you are looking for this kind of trust, you can achieve this by buy Instagram followers  or by buy Instagram page.

In the meantime, you can also use the Instagram robot to increase targeted visits.


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Buy Instagram followers

It has long been said that people are wise in their own eyes,

this is certainly not justice, but even if you have the most useful and attractive Instagram page and the number of your followers is 100,

no one will want to follow or buy from your virtual store.

This is a bitter reality.

But it has been prove By purchasing Instagram followers, this problem can be solved to a large extent.


Look at the page of celebrities, Selena Gomez,

the first person on Instagram, has 143 million followers, but by examining her posts, you will find that in the best case,

her posts get 7 million likes, which means less than 8%, so where are these 130 million and why is it never news?

Isn’t it one of them?

Because they used to buy Instagram followers.

Although buy Instagram followers is not the most ideal way,

but by buy followers, you can greatly accelerate the credibility and popularity of the Instagram page and use it to attract real followers in the next steps,

which is why we recommend using Instagram peak follower increase services.


Increasing real Instagram followers How to be popular and seen on Instagram?

If you think that by buy Instagram followers and buying likes and views at once,

you will become famous on Instagram and you will be seen by putting every post on the first page of Instagram, you are sorely mistaken.

The process of popularizing a page requires a lot of effort and activity, and just buy Instagram followers is not enough:

– Communication with followers

Try to post daily or at least once every two or three days, if you do not have a useful or interesting post,

use the story and keep in touch with followers, for example, you can poll in the story or answer questions and allow others to Rate your story and vote.

In the caption of the posts, ask your friends to comment on it and reply to the comments one by one.

– Use the hashtag

Increase the chances of being seen more by other Instagram users by putting # before the words related to your post.

For example, if you are a hairdresser or you sell cosmetics, use hashtags such as:

– In times of unemployment

Comment and like under the posts of the Instagram Explorer page or the pages of celebrities.

Collect the city and region you want.

trick :

Just type the desired city in the Instagram search field, for example Dresden, typing this word will load a list of pages containing this word.

Go to those pages and leave comments under their posts, or mention other people who leave comments there.

And invite them to visit your page as well.

– Post at appropriate times

Of course, at any hour of the day, there are users who are working with the Instagram phone,

but certainly posting in people’s free time, for example, between 13 to 15 noon and 20 to 22 at night, will increase your chances of seeing more.

– Seeing from the point of view of others

Look at your Instagram page through the eyes of a stranger and say to yourself, why should I follow this page?

It is very important that your page is attractive to the audience in any field it works in,

so that they can follow and follow it;

For example, in a store page, designing profile photos and photos of products and their prices is very useful in attracting the audience.

For a personal page, putting beautiful photos,

captions and texts next to your own photos can attract others, or for cosmetic products,

by placing clips of make-up and shaving training, hair color and health, it can attract the audience.

– Question ?

Ask yourself, if my page belonged to someone else, would I follow or like it? If yes, why and if not, what is the reason?

Instagram follower increase robot Instagram robot, advantages and disadvantages

These days, along with buying followers, the market for software robots and site panels has become hot,

demanding medium and high numbers with the title that you will receive real followers, even based on the city and province.

Since nothing is absolutely fraudulent or real, we refrain from commenting unilaterally on these sites, but it is worth mentioning a few points.


In all Instagram bots, from abroad to other sites and panels, you must log in with your account, username and password.

Although all sites claim that the information entered is only received by the Instagram home page and used for login, even a novice programmer can save it in his database with a single line of code.

2- The method of attracting real followers in robots

The basis of all Instagram bots, as their name suggests, is to automate operations that you do not have time for.

In fact, these bots use scripts to like, comment and follow others, so that others can help you.

See and follow or like if you wish.

efficiency To see the effectiveness of this operation, it is enough to do the work of the robot for a few days, that is, pick up the phone at different times of the day and try to like, comment and follow others.

bot or buy Instagram followers:

By buy loyal followers, you will give credit to your page psychologically and visually.

After buy Instagram followers, you should look for real followers who are interested in the subject of your page, and here the same number of your followers will help to attract them better.

At this time, you can use the robot to find active followers, or do the same thing that the robot is supposed to do for a few hours a day with your phone, that is, like, comment and follow others.

lack of time

If you do not have the time to do this, use a robot, but I strongly recommend to prevent and have your account hacked, instead of using the sites that provide your own .

How do I order and receive a follower?

After selecting one of the desired packages, you can go to the bottom of this page to buy one of the existing packages.

In the payment page, in the description section, just enter the empty name of your page.

It will be automatic

Do your followers like and view?

When the follower is real, well, of course, yes, it both works and likes.

Of course, another important issue is the interaction rate of your page, for example, if you have not bought a lot of follower fakes before, it is better.

How much is your followers dropping?

The actual loss of followers is completely related to your page and your activities to prevent you from being followed.

We can not force users to keep your followers.

But there is no abnormal loss. What does it mean?

If you are careful, fake and non-post accounts will be deleted immediately by Instagram,

and it is natural for you to suffer a severe crash, but when they are real, of course, like our personal page, you and we who are active will not be deleted and deactivated. Don’t be.

In the method of increasing targeted followers, with our system, you can specify a page, map,

hashtag or a combination of them as a follower search source for your page, so that our system can advertise your Instagram page around the clock.

Advertising means that our system follows and likes target users on a 24-hour basis instead of you, as a result of which it attracts real and targeted followers.

Advantages :

In this feature, you can introduce your competitors’ Instagram pages and the pages you want to the system to attract their followers.

Determine the follower based on the location of the map anywhere in the world and also determine the follower based on the hashtag

Any hashtag you want by introducing that hashtag to the system, you can easily attract people who share that hashtag.

Set up your automated activities, hit the start button, close your browser and get to work safely, and check the panel after you’re done

Send automatic direct messages to page members

All followers are 100% real

You can work on Instagram 24 hours a day with our settings and tips, without any worries about blocking, closing or hacking your Instagram account.

This method is very popular among our customers and hundreds of pages from all over the world use this method from our site and it has been very effective in selling the products of our dear customers.

Do not worry about increasing your page followers (people that our system follows with your page).

They return to the number they were before, like the first day.


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