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There are 2 ways to increase your Page followers in Instagram. (Long method and fast method)

Long method : 

In the long run, you increase the number of Followers of your Instagram by placing quality content and sharing with similar channels.

Fast method (recommended) :

In this way, you buy Followers for your Instagram page at a low cost.

for example : ( 100 Instagram Followers only 2.49$ and 1,000 Instagram Followers only 11.49$ )

Buy Instagram Followers

Buying a fake Telegram member is the cheapest way to increase your channel / group members. ( Buy Instagram Followers)


In the page that opens, select the service you need. (Best-selling product: 10,000 Instagram Followers 89.49$ )

In the page that opens, click on the yellow box. (ADD TO CART)

After displaying the above message, click on “VIEW CART”

Check the order and if it is correct, click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”

Your Telegram ID : Enter your personal Telegram ID ( example: @yourname )

Your Channel / Group : Enter your channel or group ID ( example: @yourchannel – @yourgroup )

Whatsapp Number (optional) : Enter your Whatsapp Number (optional)


Select the payment method and click on “PLACE ORDER”


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